Wheel bearings kit

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We have at your disposal 3 generations of wheel bearing kits:

First, the double row balls or tapered roller bearings, secondly single flanged ball or tapered roller bearings (or flanged), and thirdly a double flanged bearing.

The first huge advance in bearings was the replacement of two simple bearings with single rows of rolling elements by a cartridge, a bearing featuring two rows of rolling elements.
This type of 1st generation bearing (double row balls bearings) is pre-adjusted, sealed and lubricated for life. Usually, it is fitted on the forward drive wheel hub, it may also be mounted on the rear drive wheel. In either case, the bearing’s small footprint and easy assembly has led to its wide-spread use.

We are in an industry in which highly sophisticated systems are coming into general use on vehicles.
The single flanged ball is a bearing incorporating a magnetic ring that allows extremely precise, reliable measurement of rotation speed.

Manufacturers are absorbed in a continuous quest for simplicity and weight gain. Hence additional security functions have been incorporated into the double flanged bearing.

For Example:

  • The flange bearing for drive wheels: its outer ring features components allowing it to be secured to the chassis.
  • The “hub” bearing for non-drive wheels. The break disk and rim are directly secured to the outer ring. This facilitates easier assembly and improves reliability.
  • The bi-flange bearing, known as 3rd generation. This incorporates two attachment-securing functions.